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Friday, September 12, 2014

It's a well known fact that in addition to adding a few pounds, the camera always brings out my suntan...

It's bleached Lisa's hair too. Fortunately, Toby and Amelie look themselves, as does Doc McStuffins. We all experienced the Lazarus reflex at the end, as our brains were starved of oxygen on the descent, but other than that, the ride was unremarkable.

Anyhoo, that video was taken at Drusillas on Bank Holiday Monday. I still haven't explained what I was doing with Louie Spence, but to be honest, the moment's passed. And the less said, the better.

The important thing is that it demonstrates the ups and downs of the past few weeks. As things stand right now, Lisa's got an infected blister on her right little toe, and is in serious danger of either amputation or septic shock (I googled her symptoms), but the important news is that I've had a much better day.

The Occupational Health nurse was lovely, and far from wrapping me in more cotton wool (which the NHS couldn't afford anyway, due to a combination of cutbacks and my fuller figure), she agreed to all my requests without the need for either violence or bribery, and was more than happy to pass me as facially fit to attend a national conference the week after next. Which is just as well, as our hallway is currently occupied by 250 folders, 250 pads, 250 pens and 209 certificates. Which makes me think I might have over-ordered on the folders, pads and pens.

As we speak, the conference programme is at the printers, so there's no going back on the dreadful puns I inserted just before the deadline, and to my huge relief, I'll be there in Birmingham, to defend my decisions in person. It's a major weight off my mind. I'm hoping to meet White Dee, so I'd have been devastated to miss it.


Phil's Mum said...

For 'Bank Holiday Monday' read 'Annual Leave Wednesday' - just being pedantic! But then you're no stranger to poetic licence!

Phil said...

Oh yeah! I'm glad someone's paying attention.

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Poirot said...

Looking forward to seeing you. At conference, but hope you don't look as scary as on August 21st or I may have to give you a wide birth!