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Sunday, November 17, 2013

I've had a sore throat since Wednesday, which I think is God's way of telling me to shut up and eat ice cream. I did manage to get a doctor's note on Thursday, but unfortunately it was a letter from an ophthalmologist telling me how great I am, so it's likely to result in more work, not less. On the plus side, however, Lisa and I watched 'On Benefits and Proud' this week, which demonstrated to me that the way out of this current spiral of exhaustion, poverty and complete lack of free-time is to get myself fired from my job. And then refuse to find another.

But while I'm working out the best way towards gross misconduct, the good news is that I've spent the last of my money on a haircut. Not for myself, obviously. Although I am tempted to go down the Wayne Rooney route and have a hair transplant. I've got plenty going spare in my ears. In fact, if it grows any longer, I could probably save myself some cash and have a comb-over.

In reality, the barnet that needed tackling was this one...

He's like King Kong with a mullet. Frankly he looks more like Fay Wray.

Toby was originally booked in at the barber's last Saturday, but we rescheduled in order to drive up to Cheshire (which isn't as far as Google Maps would have you believe). So by yesterday he was sporting the kind of locks that went out of fashion in the seventies, and urgently needed a date with a pair of scissors. I offered to have a go myself, but Lisa's witnessed my work with Chloe, who's lucky to still have two ears, and felt it was best left to the professionals. And besides, he's worth it.

As it transpired, he was a slightly reluctant customer...

But the stylist had three hands (one with a cereal bar), so she made light work of it, and the boy was soon back at the house, looking like a shorn sheep...

It's taken years off him. And as a bonus, he looks a lot like William Hague. Although that might just be the outfit.

Anyhoo, Amelie also had her hair done at the salon, but she's not one to pose for a photo...

Unless she sees my camera, in which case she strikes a pose faster than you can say paparazzi.


Phil's Mum said...

It's good they can both now see out of their eyes! And your sore throat has just turned into a cold (mine!). I'll bring it back next time I see you.

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