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Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Since Amelie was born, I've often wondered how she'll fare on the rocky road of romance, whether she'll find true love (like I did, before I met Lisa), and how she'll cope with her first break-up. I just didn't expect to find out when she's four.

Amelie came home from nursery yesterday, and informed us over an ice lolly that Samuel has broken up with her. Which was a shock for us, firstly because I didn't think any boy would have the nerve to dump my daughter, and secondly because we had no idea they were dating. I presume she must have been sneaking out of the house after dark, and meeting him by the swings. She went on to tell us that she's been Samuel's girlfriend for a while now, but that yesterday afternoon he told her he was leaving her for Lily. Who presumably has her own pad.

Obviously I'll be having strong words with Sammy Boy in due course, and demanding an explanation as to why he thinks he can toy with my daughter's emotions and break her heart. I'll also be spreading a few rumours about Lily. But the good news is that Amelie seems to be taking it all quite well. She didn't let it spoil her enjoyment of The Simpsons, or put her off her tea. She did appear to be comfort-eating sweets all evening, but to be honest, that's pretty normal.

So I think we've come through Amelie's first break-up relatively unscathed. I've told her there are plenty more fish in the sea, and in return she's reminded me that she doesn't like tuna. By a happy coincidence, she's just received an invitation to a boy's 4th birthday party at a farm, so give it a couple of weeks, and she'll be rolling in the hay with someone else.