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Tuesday, December 18, 2012

For the past quarter of a century, the biggest single-handed act of Argentine brilliance ever witnessed by the English was, of course, Maradona in the 1986 World Cup. But that all changed this weekend with the arrival of an e-mail from South America, informing me that the English-Spanish translation student I heard from last month has successfully passed her exam by accurately translating some of my work into her native tongue.

I've always been open to interpretation, but sadly very few people get me, so this is something of a first. It means that Spanish speakers the world over are now in a position to read, enjoy and above all misinterpret my Micro Fiction like the rest of the English-speaking world. Which can only be a good thing. What's more, this particular student has kindly provided me with the fruits of her labours (which counts as one of my five a day), so here, published for the very first time online, is 'Brian, the Itch & the Wardrobe' in Spanish...

Brian, la Intriga y el Ropero

En sus ocho años él nunca intentó abrir la puerta del ropero. Demasiado miedo. Estaba prohibido. Se encontró de nuevo frente la intimidante puerta de roble, mirándola. Pero con coraje esta vez. Imprudencia quizá.

Lentamente estiró un brazo. ¡Sin llave! La puerta hizo un crujido al abrirse.

Un mundo nuevo. No había oscuridad, sino luz. Un sol brillante. Entró de un paso. El aire dulce, los pájaros cantando, la calidez y el color lo envolvieron completamente. Era el mágico mundo que había soñado.

Disfrutó del paraíso por dos minutos, hasta que regresaron y lo volvieron a encerrar en el ropero.

I think the pun in the title might have been lost in translation, but the story's still full of intriga, and I'm loving the upside-down exclamation mark. It's definitely a job well done, and I feel privileged to have been worked on by a cunning linguist. Now I just need Mr Tumble to translate it into Makaton, and my bucket list will be complete.

Anyhoo, at the risk of writing a fourth consecutive blog post about Saturday, I should just mention that I had my work's Christmas do at the weekend. Sometimes it's more of a Christmas don't, but this year I had a thoroughly good time. Amelie told me that as it's a Christmas party, I should go dressed as a Christmas pudding, but having considered her suggestion, I opted to wear my leather coat instead. A decision which backfired a bit when I picked up Stefan and he told me that he has a similar coat himself, but rarely wears it for fear that he'll look like a member of the Gestapo. It was at that point that I wished I'd gone as a pudding.

Fortunately, however, the party featured enough distracting puddings of an entirely different nature, and the biggest wardrobe malfunction was when our office volunteer was presented with a mug featuring a picture of herself at last year's Christmas party. Whereupon we all realised she was wearing the same outfit.

But that awkwardness aside, the evening went without a hitch. Right up until the end, when I lost my balance in the hallway, stumbled into the wall, and knocked over a bottle of wine, which poured down behind a radiator and onto three people's umbrellas. I wouldn't mind, but I was the only one there not drinking.


Phil's Mum said...

If you'd gone as a pudding, it would have been a good excuse for clumsiness.  As it was, perhaps you were just too full of pudding to walk straight.

Phil said...

There's a lot of truth in that statement. And just to add to it, I was also carrying some pudding for Lisa.

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