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Saturday, May 12, 2012

It's my sister's 40th birthday today, which is the perfect excuse to publish this photo...

We were both on a horse at the time. I've got a whip in my hand, and Sis is wearing Jodhpurs. It's such a shame they had to crop the photo.

She'll be celebrating in style later on today with a night out in the party capital of the south: Devizes. The guest list includes the director of this masterpiece, so there's every chance of tonight's events forming the basis of a new ITV2 series called 'The Only Way is Wiltshire'.

Tragically, however, despite receiving invitations via Facebook, Lisa and I are unable to attend, due to having something better to do. An old friend of Lisa's is getting married today, and having weighed up the pros and cons of both invitations, we've decided that whilst Big Sis has a birthday pretty much every year, Lisa's friend is unlikely to get married more than two or three times. So we're going to the wedding. The free food looked better too.

We have, however, cancelled one of Amelie's swimming lessons so that we can see Big Sis next Saturday. So if Am drowns in the bath the week after, we'll know who to blame. In the meantime, I'd like to wish Sis a VERY HAPPY 40TH BIRTHDAY from the three of us. I just know you'll get everything you want. As long as you still want towels.

But while I'm here, there's one other person I'd like to say hello to, and that's author and illustrator extraordinaire, Lydia Monks. Or 'The Lady Who Puts Glitter on Every Page', as Amelie calls her. Having written about her here last Sunday, I was naturally quite excited to find that Lydia herself had read my blog and left a comment. Although Lisa's reaction when I told her was to look panicked and say "Oh my god, you called her foxy!". She always sees the negatives, that woman.

Fortunately Lydia's a lot more easygoing in nature. Not only has she put my video on her blog, but she's also tweeted about me...

... and most touching of all, she's offered to send Amelie a little something in the post. It's probably a cease and desist order, but even so, we're thrilled.


Peter Chapman said...

I'm going to write about Karen Brady and other rich women on my blog, hoping that they regularly 'google' their names.

Phil said...

Write that she's been KNOCKED DOWN, and see what happens. :o)