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Saturday, March 03, 2012

Since June 2010, when Amelie was twenty months old, and discovered that she could pick up Chloe using nothing more than speed, persistence and a pair of turquoise cat-wrangling trousers, she's dreamt of owning a cat that would sit on her lap without being pinned down by physical force. And now, two years and a lot of failed attempts later, she's finally got what she wanted...

That girl's in cat heaven. She can't believe her luck. On the downside, however, her hands are so covered in scratches, she looks like a self-harm victim.

It's not that Shimmy's aggressive, she's just a young cat who's barely more than a kitten, and as a result, she thinks everything's a game. We've explained this to Amelie, and she understands that her cat's playful, but unfortunately the girl knows no fear. Her hands might be cut to ribbons, but she can't keep her fingers away. Interestingly, no matter how much she gets scratched, it doesn't upset her in the slightest, because she loves Shimona so much. She got scratched on the chin yesterday, and burst into tears for the first time. Not because of the injury, but because Lisa picked her up and carried her away. She was sobbing through the tears, "I want to go back to Shimona!"

Lisa went out to meet a friend yesterday, so I decided to take Amelie over to the new Pets at Home superstore in Hove. Lisa had suggested that we buy Shimmy a basket. I told her that she'll never use it, because she loves sitting on people's laps so much. Suffice it to say I was wrong...

Basket Case
She's barely been out of it since we got the thing home.

Admittedly, Chloe looks a bit grumpy about it...

Green Eyed Monster
But to be honest, she always looks like that. She might not have an eight quid bed, but she's had £400 worth of vet treatment, so she can't complain.

As it happens, the Pets at Home superstore was well worth a visit. It was like an animal park with no entry fee. Amelie got to see rabbits, hamsters and lizards (not all in the same cage), and learnt the words 'degu' and 'oranda'. We were particularly impressed with their fish department. They might not have had any battered cod, but they were selling Doctor Fish for £4.99 each, or two for £9. Having experienced their healing powers for myself last year, I considered getting a dozen, then buying a washing up bowl from the pound shop, and setting myself up in business for fifty-five quid.

It was at that precise moment that I received a text message from work, asking if I can do a clinic in Horsham on Monday. I took it as a sign that I should be my own boss. And then replied and said yes.

We left Pets at Home to go home to our pets, but changed our plans en route, and headed to Asda instead to buy a different brand of cat food. Frankly I've given up with the Tiger and Opticat. Whilst in the pet food aisle making umming and erring noises, we encountered an elderly lady with a similar turn of phrase, and ended up having a lengthy conversation about fussy cats. To be honest, it was like talking to myself. She told us that she's had her cat Elkie for a few months, and that as a rescue cat, she should be grateful for anything she gets. But needless to say, she's not. The lady was back for the umpteenth time to try a different, even more expensive, brand. She said that after the last time, she told Elkie she's not getting anything else, and that if she doesn't eat it, she can starve. I told her I'd had the same conversation with Shimmy. And yet there we both were.

Fortunately, I hit the jackpot. Having compared notes with the old lady, I plumped for some Felix 'As Good As It Looks' Doubly Delicious in Jelly. And Shimona loves it. So much so, that I'll be heading back there today for some more.

In the meantime, I think I'll hand over this blog to Amelie. She asked if she could borrow my camera yesterday, so I reluctantly gave it to her (mainly to avoid a tantrum), and she disappeared for ten minutes. Which was a blessed relief. When she came back, she'd taken 36 photos of Shimona and Chloe, and amongst them was this one...

Close Up
I'm genuinely impressed with that. She can take all my photos from now on.


Phil's Mum said...

Thats a very good photo, Am.  And Chloe should be thankful if Shimmy stays in her cat bed and keeps out of her way.