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Monday, January 02, 2012

I had an e-mail while we were away from this chap, suggesting that as the owner of, I might like to buy '' off him for five hundred bucks. It's a tempting offer, obviously, but not one I'm inclined to accept. Mainly because it turns my witty domain into one that just sounds like I'm moaning.

Intriguingly though, he states in the e-mail that "I am offering this domain name to several potential buyers over the next few days, and the first one to agree to buy it for $500 will get it". So I'm clearly not the only one with 'Whines' in my website address. Unless he's flogging it to the owner of

On the subject of this blog, since redecorating at the weekend, I've changed the format of my archive listing (on the right, scroll down), and it's inadvertently revealed the surprising news that 2011 was my most prolific blogging year since I met Lisa. I'm clearly spending less time with her than ever before. I could get up now and go and join her on the sofa, but there's not really any great need. If I want to know how she's doing, I can just check her status on Facebook.

Looking at those figures, however, it's also apparent just what a bad year 2006 was. It was the year that Lisa needed me more than any other, and the time I felt least like blogging. I was watching a wise and worldly woman on TV the other night (it was Kerry Katona if you must know) and she said that alcohol is a harder habit to kick than heroin. I think she was pissed at the time. I've no idea if her words are true (I haven't given up either), but I do know that what Lisa's done over the past five years has been phenomenal.

It's the annual Brighton AA Convention next weekend, and this year Lisa will be attending, not only as someone with long term sobriety, but as the treasurer of a city centre meeting and, as of yesterday, the Chairperson of the International AA Public Information Committee. She's spreading sobering thoughts across the world.

After a year in which she lost the teeth she'd spent her life savings on, and then the baby she'd set her heart on, the fact that the above paragraph is still true, and hasn't all gone by the wayside, is both remarkable and admirable. She also has to cope with Amelie's bad behaviour, which is enough to turn anyone to drink.

Mind you, Amelie has a lot to cope with herself. She dreamt the night before last that she was being chased by a horde of snakes who were, and I quote, "licking my hair and making it knotty". Venomous snakes are bad enough, but when they start ruining your hair, you've got good reason to wake up screaming.

Anyhoo, 2011 has been a challenging year in many ways, but the manner in which my wife and daughter have come through it is a source of great pride to me, and I love them both loads. So while Amelie battles snakes in her sleep, I'm going to join Lisa on the sofa. We're catching up on our Christmas TV and doing 'The Big Fat Quiz of the Year'. Love her or not, she'll owe me money by the end of the night.


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