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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

The front page of today's Argus screams 'HORROR OF HUMAN FIREBALL', and reports on a man who suffered major burns after being electrocuted in Brighton. But the biggest story in today's issue is the bright spark lighting up page 27...

Cutest Kid in Sussex
Yes, like her intrepid cat before her, Amelie's being featured in The Argus. At least I think that's her. To be honest, there are a total of 276 children pictured in today's issue, and it took me about ten minutes to spot her. I'd know that face anywhere. But clearly not in a newspaper.

Amelie's featured in the 3-5 years category of the Cute Kids portrait competition, alongside beautifully named cherubs such as Destinee, River, Chanel and Orlando. Phil and Lisa don't feature. But there's a Charlie and Lola on the same page, which is nice. She's losing points by refusing to do the 'back of the hands under the chin' modelling pose, and her smile looks a little strained, but let's face it, she usually poses like this...

Big Wide Mouth
... so we can't really complain.

You now have until Friday, November 11th to vote for Amelie to win the competition (other children are available), and you can do so by phoning this unique number:

09011 592707

Alternatively, you can text the word CUTEKIDS followed by a space and then the code 2707 to the phone number 80360.

Unfortunately each vote costs at least 50p, and the prize is only worth £300, so Mum, if you're reading this, don't vote more than six hundred times.


Phil's Mum said...

Do I get a share of the £300?

Phil said...

It's a £300 professional photo shoot, so you might get a passport sized photo if you're lucky.