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Sunday, August 21, 2011

I'm beginning to think we're living under the influence of a big fat gypsy curse. Having spent yesterday dabbing Lisa's tears from her sad, toothless face, I put Amelie to bed last night, breathed an instant sigh of relief, and sank straight onto the sofa. Where I was startled, two minutes later, by a scream.

Within seconds, Lisa and I arrived in Amelie's bedroom to find her lying on the floor with blood apparently pouring from her mouth. Lisa instantly suffered a flashback to her her sideboard incident, almost fainted, and was forced to leave the scene quickly while she still had the use of her legs. I was left to pick up the pieces and mop up the blood.

To be honest, I wasn't much better than Lisa. Having lived through one devastating dental disaster, the thought of what I might find when I prised Amelie's blood-soaked hand from her face, was enough to make my heart pound. I was convinced she'd be the spitting image of her mother.

As it transpired, it wasn't as bad as that. She'd simply fallen out of bed and bitten her lip. It looked quite nasty at the time, but by this morning it was already a lot less swollen...

Believe it or not, she asked me to take that photo, so that she could see how much better it looked. She's always had a lot of lip; she's just got a bit more than usual at the moment. I'd offer to kiss it better, but I don't want to be accused of snogging my daughter.

On the subject of bloody surprises, I should just mention that by a stroke of coincidental luck, the French film 'Hidden' is on Channel 4 tomorrow night. So anyone who ploughed through my blog post a couple of weeks ago with a gallic shrug of the shoulders and a sense of laissez-faire, can now find out what I was wittering on about. It's on at 12:50am, which is not so much primetime as night-time, but it's well worth recording. Not least because you're bound to miss the point of the final scene, and need to rewind. And when you've watched it three times, you can explain it to me.


Phil's Mum said...

Your flat is a real danger zone!  You can tell Lisa we've mended the broken step in our front garden and its a long time since Amelie fell out of bed here, so perhaps they would be safer coming to stay again!

Z said...

Crikey, that's some bite.  I hardly know what to say without sounding flippant or doom-mongering.  I just hope that nothing else goes wrong.

Dave said...

Oh.  Are we not allowed to be flippant then?

jon the bassist said...

Its like the Groundhog Day flat!

'old' friend said...

Ice pops or mini ice lollies work wonders on swollen lips.