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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Monday was a bad day. And not just because I mis-heard the morning news and spent most of it thinking Posh & Becks had named their daughter 'Half Past Seven'. It was actually far, far worse than that.

I was driving back from a clinic in Haywards Heath last night, when I received a distraught phone call from Lisa, saying that she'd had "a horrible accident". I arrived home fifteen minutes later to find broken glass all over the hallway, and Lisa clutching a handful of blood-soaked tissues to her tear-stained face.

My foot had been too painful to go shopping at the weekend, so we ordered the groceries online, and I stupidly booked them for a time when I knew I might not be there. They arrived at 4:30pm yesterday, and in her struggle to get all the bags in alone, Lisa had tripped over in the hallway and flown headlong into our glass-fronted sideboard. The glass door had smashed, Lisa's lip was cut open, and her front tooth was knocked clean out.

Yesterday evening was spent at the Brighton & Hove Emergency Dentist, where we were told that due to the length of the root (or lack thereof) the tooth couldn't be reattached. We have an appointment with Lisa's regular dentist on Wednesday afternoon to see what other options might be available.

Never mind the paralysing shock, the agonising pain, and the blood stains on the carpet, when you consider that Lisa spent fourteen months living with an uncomfortable brace in her mouth, just to get those two front teeth looking beautiful, the loss of one of them in a matter of seconds is far more unbearable. She's currently inconsolable.

To Lisa, it feels like the worst luck imaginable, but having cleared up innumerable shards of razor sharp glass from the hallway floor (and cut myself in the process), I'm telling you now, she's actually lucky to be alive. She could so easily be blinded or worse.

It's now 3am, and I don't think either of us have slept yet. Amelie woke up at 2am and said to Lisa "Is your face better now, Mummy?". It will be. No matter how much it costs us. But right now, it feels pretty bad.


Z said...

What a horrible accident, I'm so sorry.  I remember how distraught we were when Eloise's little girl knocked out her front tooth, but that was nowhere near as bad.  Love to both of you.

Dave said...


Roses said...

I'm so sorry to hear of Lisa's news. What an awful thing to happen.

My thoughts are with you both.

A Passer-by said...

It's 3.10am on Wednesday and there's no middle of the night blog.   That's good.   Hope it means the Gardner household is getting some sleep. 

Phil said...

We were. Well, Amelie and I were. I think Lisa was still looking up dentists on the internet, and trying to mash a banana.

Thanks everyone for your kind thoughts.

Beckie said...

Do you think that was the time baby Beckham was conceived?

Very sorry to read about Lisa's tooth, poor thing, and how very unfair.

'old' friend said...

Poor Lisa. I'm so sorry, especially after all she went through. I'm sure knowing it could've been so much worse is somewhat cold comfort at the moment. However, I'm sure it can be fixed with an implant - just don't ask the price!!