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Saturday, April 30, 2011

I think the Royal Wedding is best summed up by this text message from my Mum, sent at 12:39pm yesterday:

"I think it was better the way you did it".

I presume she means the way we let the groom's mother live. And the way I found a genuine commoner. But that aside, it wasn't bad. Although with an estimated three million pigeons in London, I wouldn't have put trees inside Westminster Abbey.

Anyhoo, Bill & Cathy aren't the only ones hob-nobbing with upwardly mobile young débutantes from the London social scene. We had a visit from Plaistow's foremost it-girl on Thursday...

That's our friend 'C', who despite appearing on this blog more often than I do, still doesn't want her real name revealed. She's under the mistaken belief that people might read it.

Anyhoo, patchworking isn't everyone's bag, but if you can tear your gaze away from our winning smiles in the photo above, you'll see one which is. Despite looking like something Pythagorus's granny would have made, the sack on the sofa was actually hand-stitched by 'C' whilst watching Strictly Come Dancing. Although Britain's Got Talent would have been more appropriate. In the past year, she's become a stitching and sewing machine, capable of producing highly saleable items from discarded pieces of fabric. It's what you might call a rags to riches story. And it explains how we ended up here...

Quilty Pleasures
If I'd known Brighton had such a brilliantly named shop, I might have taken up patchwork myself.

Quilty Pleasures is conveniently situated less than two miles from our flat. So it took us five minutes to get there. And an hour to drive back. I'm not saying the traffic jam was bad, but I've got plantar fasciitis, and I could have hopped home quicker. Frankly the Royal Wedding was more moving.

But at least it gave us plenty of time to chat about the old days. 'C' mentioned the gradient of the seats at the O2 arena, so I said it sounded like the time we went to see Joseph & the Amazing Technicolour Dreamcoat at the Adelphi Theatre in 2007. Following an awkward silence, 'C' replied that she didn't think she'd ever been to see Joseph, and certainly not with me. I made an unsuccessful attempt to jog her memory, before looking to Lisa for support. She looked back at me blankly, and said she didn't remember it either.

I know I went in disguise, but I thought they'd have known it was me.


A Passer-by said...

Having indoor trees is obviously the in-thing.   The Quilty Pleasures shop has one growing inside as well.

Dave said...

I think the moustache caused them to blank all memory of the event.  It certainly works for me - it's better than rohypnol.

Phil's Mum said...

What a good thing you have blog archives to prove that you're not the one with altzheimers.  (I can't remember how to spell that word!)

jon the bassist said...

I think with the tash you have the look of a young Groucho Marx

Phil said...

I'd just like to point out that I grew that for charity. Although I did think I looked good.

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