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Tuesday, January 04, 2011

It's January 2011, which means it's now more than eight years since I created my main website, the dynamic shrine of self-absorption and wishful Philment that is And for every one of those years, it's looked pretty much like this...

Old Gardner
Actually, I think it looks better in miniature. Possibly because you can't read the words.

The post-it note was added in 2008, as was Amelie, but the rest of it has barely changed in eight years. Lisa once told me that when she first visited the site in 2003, nine months before we met, and saw the photo of me with my head in my heads, she instantly knew I was her type of person. It's not everyone that can carry off that sexy, alluring look of despair, but I clearly had it bang on.

Anyhoo, it's a design which served a purpose (and attracted a wife), but let's face it, I created that website as a single man in my twenties. I'm now married with a daughter, and barreling towards forty with grey hair up my nose. It's about time I ditched the cartoon sheep and went leather-bound...

New Gardner
If this was 'Show & Tell', then that would be 'What I Did On My Holidays'. I've spent Christmas revamping my website to reflect my newfound status as an upwardly-mobile, middle-class family man. Who just happens to live on a council estate where people murder each other.

Visitors with slow computers and embarrassingly low screen resolutions (I'm looking at you here, Mum) will no doubt be annoyed that having waited five minutes for the page to load, they have to keep scrolling to the right to click on any links, but hey, I've got a 24" widescreen, and from where I'm sitting, it looks pretty good. My parents can just click on the picture above.


Phil's Mum said...

Ignoring the rude remarks about our computer,  its very good.  Well done!

Dave said...

Is there a puzzle corner?  And a sports page?

Dave said...

When Am is a teenager, she is so going to love the website her Dad made for her.