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Friday, May 28, 2010

I shot this video at 7:15am this morning, within ten minutes of Amelie getting up...

With hindsight, I probably should have brushed her hair first. The girl looks like Russell Brand on a blustery day. You'll also notice her self-congratulatory clapping and general pleased-with-herself expression. Lisa says she gets that from me. As for the giant wooden animal board she picks up from the coffee table, I bought that on Tuesday from the one and only charity shop in Hurstpierpoint. They don't do plastic there. To be honest, it's probably oak.

But all of that aside, I think I've successfully proved that Amelie can count up to ten. Not always in the correct order, it's true, but I put that down to free-thinking and creativity. I like to put words in an order they've never been placed in before, and nobody says that's wrong. Well, they do, but I tend to ignore them.

Anyhoo, having filmed Amelie doing her Clever Hans and stamping her little feet, I headed off to the doctor first thing this morning. I've been in a lot of pain this week (although obviously I've been putting a brave face on it, and only moaning to Lisa). I'd go into details, but frankly I refuse to write another blog post about prostatitis. I struggle to spell it every time. So if you really want to know the facts, read this post, and then click on all the links in the first paragraph. That should put you off your tea.

I got the antibiotics I was after, so I decided to pull my finger out and ask my doctor about something else too. I've had a problem with the joints of both little fingers for... oooh, at least a year now. Possibly two. It's only really painful if I try to play the guitar or hold Lisa's hand, both of which I've had to give up since Amelie was born. So I haven't done anything about it.

In the past few months, however, it's got noticeably worse. Poking around for earwax is now agony. So whilst at the surgery this morning, I decided to give my doctor the finger. He examined them both, and I have to say his digital reception was a lot stronger than I expected. Within five minutes he'd referred me for a couple of x-rays and a blood test.

So at 4pm this afternoon I found myself sitting in a room at Hove Polyclinic, while a woman with an x-ray machine cased the joint of my left little finger. The results will take two weeks. So I've got another fortnight to practice Amelie's counting, before they amputate and we have to stop at eight.