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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

It's a well known fact that if your toddler reins get a bit tangled at the park, the best course of action is to dress yourself entirely in purple, put on your bunny ears, and sit on the sofa until you've sorted them out...

I think the celebratory "Yeah!" at the end was a bit premature. She rabbited on there for a good twenty minutes after that, and I don't think the reins were any less tangled by the time she went to bed. I had to stop filming in the end because my leg went to sleep and I started getting cramp.

Interestingly, we dressed Amelie in that purple outfit when we went up to Sheffield the other week. The moment we walked through the doors of the Premier Inn, she disappeared, and all we could see was a disembodied head floating through the air as she ran off towards the lift.

But anyhoo, I've got no time to blog tonight. Amelie's planning a secret surprise for Mother's Day, and she's roped me in to help. Mainly because she's too busy working on the toddler reins. Lisa's just popped out to Asda for some high-calorie food, which means I have a golden opportunity to spend half an hour on Amelie's home-made gift. People worry about child labour, but frankly I've put more work into this than she has.